Product of JDI&Kunoh
B Scan / B Scan-pro
You can simply observe all of blood current condition on your body surface ' in safety without any blood draw'.

B Scan

This is 'a large magnification blood current observation equipment' equipped with outstanding versatility of compact size and competitive price. This equipment achieved
the observation which customers did not have to select any posture, which is impossible by a fixed microscope. Also, it is possible to observe the blood current of inner skin and hair root periphery in any part of body due to the adoption of exclusive 'catalyst system'

B Scan-Pro

This is a blood current observation equipment of 'non-catalyst system' microscope type equipped with a wide range of zoom features. It can observe not only the blood current of fingertip but also can be detached from a dedicated table with handy operation so that it can be a fully-fledged desktop/handy microscope type enabling to observe all of body such as skin, scalp and head hair.

Blood stream and blood vessel observation

Hair observation

Beautiful skin observation

House dust observation

Quality observation

Zapper Click

Zapper Click

A comfortable and stimulating pulse by click can get rid of annoyance when bitten by an insect.
  • Pulse current by click
  • Bolt poison in.
  • Stopping itching
  • Extremely safe